Retail Opportunity

Business Description

Phenomenal and rare opportunity to own a very profitable business of this size, located on one of the busiest roadways in Idaho. The Sellers have created a strong retail business that sells everything from electronics to home goods, clothing, necessities and consumables. This business has proven to be recession proof and has thrived in the high inflationary environment we have been experiencing. The sale includes $1,300,000 of inventory, so you will not miss a beat in capturing immediate cash flow. The employee structure is in place that would allow a new owner to jump in and work if they chose to do so or oversee the businesses and let the amazing staff to continue doing what they already do so well. The Sellers do work in the business some, however mostly by choice and not necessity. Their tasks consist of purchasing inventory, assisting with scheduling and payroll. They enjoy the employees and interaction with their customers. They have built a duplicatable, profitable fun business!

Consumer demand is high and expansion has already occurred into Montana. There is no reason why this business could not scale into surrounding counties or states.

The products and pricing structure is unique from other box retail stores.

13,000 sqft of leased space. The space may be purchased in addition to the business.


Owner is ready to slow down.

The Sellers really want to see their years of hard work and their dream be handled properly during transition. They will cooperate to make a smooth transition and is flexible on transition assistance.

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Confidentiality Agreement

CLICK HERE FOR CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT or contact us at Laska Company, 801 E. State Street, Eagle, Idaho 83616 or email The information above has been provided by the seller. Laska Company makes no representation as to its reliability. Price and terms subject to change at seller’s discretion.

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1. “Information” means all data, reports, records or materials obtained from Laska or the client company, which is not in the public domain, including the names, address and type of business of the client company and the knowledge that the client company may be considering a sale.
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3. It is understood that the Laska client company, as the intended party whose rights are being protected, may seek legal redress and remedies directly for any breach of this Confidentiality Agreement as if it were a party to this Agreement.
4. The undersigned agrees to not contact the Laska client company directly without prior approval of Laska.
5. It is understood that (a) Laska makes no representation or warranty as the completeness or accuracy as to any information and the financial condition of the Buyer or Seller and (b) any and all representation and warranties shall be made solely by the Laska client company and shall be set forth in a signed acquisition agreement or purchase contract and then be subject to the provisions thereof.
6. The undersigned acknowledges the responsibility to perform a due diligence review at his own cost and expense prior to any acquisition of a Laska client company. It is understood that fees or commissions paid to Laska by the client company shall not be shared or paid to any person representing the undersigned.
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