Turn Key Trucking Company

Business Description

Turnkey trucking company that does both short and long haul trucking. Impressive fleet of equipment and the real estate is included in the sale as well. The real estate consists of 40+/- acres, 9000sqft shop, fuel stations, multiple outbuildings, and a very well kept/updated home. 65% of the business consists of local hauling such as dirt, gravel, rock, etc. 35% of the business consists of hauling regional commodities to as far as Utah, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada. They haul a wide range of freight such as, but not limited to, building materials, grain, hay, fee, dry bulk commodities, and farm supplies. This business is dialed in with equipment, over a decade of being a dominant player in the market and includes the facilities, equipment, mechanics, dispatch and drivers, etc for the ease of a seamless transition of ownership.

The Treasure Valley is only going to continue to grow, along with the Magic Valley, along with the areas this company serves.

Not really much competition at the level this company runs with the reputation they have.

Multiple shops, storage buildings and a home.


Owners are ready for new season of life.

The Sellers desire to see this business continue to serve the region and keep good people employed. Seller is willing to negotiate a reasonable amount of time to assist with a transition of that is necessary.

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Confidentiality Agreement

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